No two businesses are the same so I don’t offer pre-built packages. What I do is give you the following options so that your quote is a custom fit for your business. Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what you need. During the consultation we can figure that out together.

Bookkeeping Services

The heart of the operation. This includes initial setup in Quickbooks online and daily/weekly bank reconciliation. I do not believe in waiting a whole month to reconcile your account(s). You need updated information and you can’t have that if I take an entire month to do this. Additionally, if you would benefit from some apps to make your life easier and/or save money then I'll set them up for you.


Accounts Payable (AP)

Bookkeeping services for lawyers

Accounts Payable are the accounts you need to pay. Things like utilities, rent, loan repayment etc… If your AP gets out of your control you could have delinquent accounts, interest fees and surprise expenses. This can negatively impact your financial roadmap and you should be acutely aware of your AP. I handle this for you to keep accounts paid up and communicate any problems with you.


Accounts Receivable (AR

 Bookkeeper in Louisville Ky

Accounts Receivable is money owed to you. Does a client owe you money? Are you due a refund for anything? I keep track of this for you and work to ensure you are paid any money owed to you. I’m not a collections agency but it rarely comes to that. Usually, it is simply an oversight and it is taken care of easily. This is part of ensuring success for your financial roadmap.


Bookkeeping Clean Up

This is a common problem plaguing businesses. Bookkeeping is left undone for far too long or done poorly for too long and now you have a financial mess on your hands. The past is just that. Let’s move forward and I will get the mess cleaned up while you focus on your clients. I will go back in your records as far as I can and reconcile your bank account(s). AP and AR will be caught up and then we will meet and I will tell you exactly where your business stands.